Linggo, Mayo 18, 2008

my mood was quite pumped up when vener told me about the LIRA workshop the other day. i started day dreaming afterwards. wishfully thinking that a dream is about to come true.

at half past six in the evening, reality started to bite me and it is knocking my insanity out of me really hard.. hello!! does a 24/7 account rings a bell??? that was my mind yelling at me. i am working on a laid-back job that pays averagely and it goes round the clock. my shift goes on a weekly or sometimes monthly basis. so i could never really tell when my next rest day would be.

next shift came and i decided to request for a permanent week end rest day for the months of june to august. with fingers crossed and high hopes, i emailed the workforce and my supervisor as well. it was wednesday then.

it's already sunday and i have not received any respond from both parties. the hour glass is almost up for the submisson of applications (whooosssshh.. there goes LIRA) and nothing from them. in an obvious way, it is a big fat NO!

it just saddened me how work hinders me from the things that i like. i know that i am not working on a normal 8-5 job but i cannot simply ignore this opportunity. i love my work and there is no doubt about it. however, this is not my life, writing is. it is my passion. the entity that keeps my sanity burning.

i guess i am left with no choice but to wait for another one to knock my door..

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Mel ayon kay ...

may bagong opportunity na na kumatok sa iyo ate pen, pagbuksan mo na ng pinto daliiiii!

pen ayon kay ...

yessy kuya m at hindi ko na ito palalagpasin! :D salamat sa suporta neh! :D

GraceMags ayon kay ...

pen, huhuhu, i can totally feel what you feel. parang nakalabit ako ng post mo.

i am working as a writer now. ang problema ayaw ko sa trabaho ko. as in talaga. pero everytime i apply elsewhere lagi writing ang binibigay sakin na trabaho. i am also praying na may ibang pinto na bumukas para sa akin pero what if ito talaga ang gusto Niya para sakin. ewan ko ba.

haha. la lang. talagang may sore spot lang na nabuksan sa dibdib ko.

i hope and pray na both of us can truly be where we want to be. sana maging happy na tayo for good. pwede ba yon?

pen ayon kay ...

hi GM's!

oo naiintindihan ko yung sinsabi mo, it's just so sad how things do not work for us sometimes. un tipong bakit hindi lahat nagcocoordinate. hay!