Lunes, Agosto 30, 2004


(alay sa ikatlong kasarian ng lipunan)

naglalakad sa may ermita,
kumakayod upang kumita.
ako ay hindi isang puta,
hindi rin isang manganangta.

ako'y isang lalake noon,
naging isang babae ngayon.
ang aking tagong katauhan,
ngayo'y lantad na sa lipunan.

ako ay pinagtatawanan,
ako ay pinandidirihan,
tulad ko'y alipin ng laman.
sabi, ako'y salot ng bayan.

ako ay huwag n'yong hatulan.
ako ay huwag n'yong layuan.
subalit ako'y inyong tignan
sa panloob na kaanyuan.

'pagkat ako ay isang EBADAN,
may pinagsamang katauhan,
maging lantad o tago pa man,
'di ikahihiya kailanman.

isinulat noong taong 1999


having no one to talk on the phone
like a roaming ghost
not even feeling the same
as an out-tuned chord
having a heart that sores
for nobody cared to open a door
having eyes that are swollen
for my happiness is stolen
weakand still i can't speak
in this face is a frown
but never been haunted
until when will i be unwanted?

Copyright ©2004

an entry to a contest
which made to the semi-finals :)

Linggo, Agosto 29, 2004

things u hav 2 knw abt me

Name: Dang
Address: pasig city,
Mark: white birthmark on the left part of my back
Last word I say before I doze off at night: amen
First thing I do when I wake up: look for my phone..then snooze for about 15mins more
Favorite food: greens and mama’s spaghetti all day long!
Dang loves to: sleep, cook, write, draw and sing
What can you find in Dang’s bed: lots of pillows (which you’ll see on the floor in the morning before I wake up), a blanket and a teddy bear that sits at the foot of my bed.
What can you find in dang’s cabinet: hmmm..well, of course, clothes (un iba nkatupi, un iba hindi) books, memorabilias, and lots of old stuff (like a box of 3 peach roses given by my best friend 9 yrs ago..xempre ngaun brown na xa..hehehe!)
Minimum hours of bathing: 30 minutes
Maximum: 2 hours(kasama na concert dunJ )
What makes Dang cry: everything (such a cry baby)
Whom dang wants to be with if deserted in an island: of course, with THE ONE
Dang’s greatest possession: friends and LIKHA (a compilation of my writings)
If time would repeat itself, dang would like to: I’d like to be 17 again and make everything right…
If dang could compare her life with a movie, it would be: The American Beauty
If given a chance to meet someone, who would it be: it would be Joe Black (from the movie meet joe black), and ask how does it feel to take life away…and of course the Creator and ask him about a lot of things
If given a chance to grant 3 wishes, what would it be: well, as of now, I’d wish happiness for everybody, then I really, really wish my writings would be published and finally, I’d wish to die happy (AND HOPEFULLY NOT BY DROWNING)

What most people don’t know about dang:
-she’s a keeper
-she’s a cheesy person
-loves dogs
-has skin asthma
-has weak lungs
-loves to watch cartoons
-hates eggs and milk -she’s a hydrophobic person
-she fears crawling insects (leeches, centipedes, uods, roaches, and the ever freaky LIMATIK!)
-her sisters think that she’s weird (duh!)
-wanders around when something’s bothering her
-wants to be a good mom and a good wife