Linggo, Agosto 29, 2004

things u hav 2 knw abt me

Name: Dang
Address: pasig city,
Mark: white birthmark on the left part of my back
Last word I say before I doze off at night: amen
First thing I do when I wake up: look for my phone..then snooze for about 15mins more
Favorite food: greens and mama’s spaghetti all day long!
Dang loves to: sleep, cook, write, draw and sing
What can you find in Dang’s bed: lots of pillows (which you’ll see on the floor in the morning before I wake up), a blanket and a teddy bear that sits at the foot of my bed.
What can you find in dang’s cabinet: hmmm..well, of course, clothes (un iba nkatupi, un iba hindi) books, memorabilias, and lots of old stuff (like a box of 3 peach roses given by my best friend 9 yrs ago..xempre ngaun brown na xa..hehehe!)
Minimum hours of bathing: 30 minutes
Maximum: 2 hours(kasama na concert dunJ )
What makes Dang cry: everything (such a cry baby)
Whom dang wants to be with if deserted in an island: of course, with THE ONE
Dang’s greatest possession: friends and LIKHA (a compilation of my writings)
If time would repeat itself, dang would like to: I’d like to be 17 again and make everything right…
If dang could compare her life with a movie, it would be: The American Beauty
If given a chance to meet someone, who would it be: it would be Joe Black (from the movie meet joe black), and ask how does it feel to take life away…and of course the Creator and ask him about a lot of things
If given a chance to grant 3 wishes, what would it be: well, as of now, I’d wish happiness for everybody, then I really, really wish my writings would be published and finally, I’d wish to die happy (AND HOPEFULLY NOT BY DROWNING)

What most people don’t know about dang:
-she’s a keeper
-she’s a cheesy person
-loves dogs
-has skin asthma
-has weak lungs
-loves to watch cartoons
-hates eggs and milk -she’s a hydrophobic person
-she fears crawling insects (leeches, centipedes, uods, roaches, and the ever freaky LIMATIK!)
-her sisters think that she’s weird (duh!)
-wanders around when something’s bothering her
-wants to be a good mom and a good wife

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