Linggo, Hunyo 15, 2008

friday the thirteenth

friday the 13th is considered a day of bad luck for most of us. thirteen (13) is said to be unlucky or irregular since it will always give you a remainder of 1 when your divide it by 2, 3 , 4 or 6. friday, on the other hand is considered a doomed day because for a fact, as per the bible, Jesus died on a friday.

the fear for this day is called paraskavedekatriaphobia derived from the greek word paraskevi (friday) and dekatreis (thirteen). although there are a number of significant accidents, i still considered it a lucky one.

it was last friday when i finally had my awaited rest day. i was excited. so much excitement that my heart almost burst. it's been a while since i went out on a friday night, considering that my life's routine is work and home.. a mall rat at times. two of my blog friends, BUNSO and
KUYA M, and i finally decided to meet in person.

i won't go on the details since it is for me to keep. with wasabi chips and overflowing beer, it was a blast! non stop laughter and story telling of topics anything under the sun.if not for the dawn, we would not stop.. i had fun. so much fun that it still gives me the same feeling of excitement right at this very moment. it is not everyday that i meet friends; this one, i will truly keep.

shall you track back my archive, you'll be able to see that this is one of the few happy posts, if not, this is the first of its kind. i don't usually brag about happy thoughts since i want them to remain inside me. i posted this just so you know how proud and greatful i am to finally meet them in person. this is just the beginning of an endless friendship... i won't let this slip anymore.

to bunso and kuya m, thanks! love you guys!

5 komento:

wanderingcommuter ayon kay ...

wow, kaiinggit!

bunso ayon kay ...

wow you din po...
xnsya n po ngayn ko lng naalala, masyadong ulyanin eh..hehe

yah, endless friendship!!!!

pen ayon kay ...


sayang dika sunod bawal na ang absent! :D

yahee bunso! memory gap eh! hehhe! sant wait to see you guys again..


TanTruM ayon kay ...

wahahaha dapat kasama ko dyn eh.hehehehe sorry po!!!

pen ayon kay ...

heheheh dapat tlga kasma ka..

kaso kumuha ka ng mangga..asan na mangga ko???

sa sunod na pagkikita kapatid d kana pde umabsent!